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Title: Sactown Showdown Results 1/5/2018
Post by: WCWCoachMatt on January 10, 2018, 11:20:06 pm
Thank you to all of the teams who came to our tournament. We received plenty of positive feedback and look forward to running it again next year and hope to continue to grow. We had 99 boys and 36 girls attend and we hope to increase that number next year. Coaches please contact me as soon as possible to lock in your spot for next year. you won't want to miss out!

Top 5 Teams
1. Dixon
2. Washington Union
3. Rio Linda
4. Inderkum
5. Nevada Union


1st Lesane Noble Kennedy
2nd Dilpreet Aujla Inderkum
3rd Sayed Hashimi Encina
4th Gabe LeFebre West Campus

1st Sebastian Gomez Washington Union
2nd Jordan Noble Kennedy
3rd. Carson Schene Dixon
4th CJ Berney Oak Ridge

1st Rammel Hudson Rio Linda
2nd Gabriel Catalan Inderkum
3rd Farhan Dalil Encina
4th Sulai Ahmad Oak Ridge

1st Trevor Clonts Oak Ridge
2nd Ysidro Tavera Hiram Johnson
3rd Erick Grow Rio Linda
4th Neal Jamora Laguna Creek

1st Jacob Licea Washington Union (Most Outstanding Wrestler, 3F in 3:30)
2nd Marco Baldwin Dixon
3rd Fernando Nalin Inderkum
4th Awalddin Oriyakhail Encina

1st Aaron Vang Washington Union
2nd Robert Jeanson Nevada Union
3rd Fred Gonzalez Washington Union
4th Cameron Thomas Wheatland

1st Iaias Martinez Inderkum
2nd Grant Anderson Oak Ridge
3rd Jacob Reger Dixon
4th Clark Fransham (Oak Ridge)

1st Tyler Scott Dixon
2nd Jacob Callahan Inderkum
3rd Matiulla Najib Encina
4th Samuel Vue Natomas

1st Xavier LeFebre West Campus
2nd Elijah Ferrer Washington Union
3rd Calvin Butler Oak Ridge
4th Jordan Monroe Inderkum

1st Tyler Boston Dixon
2nd Silas Washington Laguna Creek
3rd Juan-Antonio Clark Laguna Creek
4th Jared Tanaka Dixon

1st Kyle Stephens Dixon
2nd Jack Clark Rio Linda
3rd Matthew Rodriguez Washington Union
4th Jackson Taylor Laguna Creek

1st David Fowler Rio Linda
2nd Alfredo Morales Washington Union
3rd Attikus Ismith Rio Linda
4th Armando Morales Dixon

1st Elijah Rogers Dixon
2nd Anthony Whiting Oak Ridge
3rd Alex Clark Rio Linda
4th Jordan Nutt Washington Union

1st Jason Gallegos West Campus
2nd Luke Christensen Inderkum
3rd Greg Masegian Oak Ridge
4th Andre Poss Inderkum


1st Kylie Wright Mesa Verde
2nd Katra Schaffer Nevada Union
3rd Veronica Santos West Campus

1st Zoie Harper El Camino
2nd Ronnie Bright El Camino
3rd Kenya Rodriguez River Valley
4th Thai Chan East Nicolaus

1st Issa Munoz West Campus
2nd Mackenzie Morgan Nevada Union
3rd Jacklynn Gonzalez Lindhurst
4th Jazmine Koehler Kennedy

1st Mercedes Marquez Laguna Creek
2nd Gabby Garibildi El Camino
3rd Jalissa Ramirez East Nicolaus
4th Rachel Adams El Camino

1st Natalee Goode River Valley
2nd Elysia Cervantes Marysville
3rd Isabella Caputo East Nicolaus

1st Sarah Skotnicki Nevada Union
2nd Desiree Shocks West Campus
3rd Juiana Penan Marysville
4th Haley Scott Dixon

1st Vanessa Ridgeway Rio Linda
2nd Amanda Beall Nevada Union
3rd Sincere Claymore Marysville

1st Arleth Sosa Nevada Union
2nd Alexis Cruz Washington Union
3rd Ariana Burr-Barrera Lindhurst
4th Ariella Sanchez Kennedy

Coach Matt Skinner
West Campus Wrestling Head Coach