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Title: 1/20/18 Jason White Memorial Tournament (4 spots left) / 35mins north of Sac
Post by: jgoode on September 02, 2017, 03:29:49 pm

Tournament: Jason White Memorial Tournament

Date: Saturday, January 20, 2018

Location: Lindhurst High School / Olivehurst, CA
Approx. 35min North of Sacramento and 40min South of Chico

Format: Varsity Individual, 16-Man Double Elimination brackets, 24 -Man when needed.
Brackets will be determined by number of wrestlers in each weight class. Wrestlers that lose in the
first round (and 2nd in 24 man bracket) will fall into a hard luck bracket and wrestle back for
seventh and eighth. All other wrestlers will wrestle through like normal for first through sixth.

Competition: Moderate Fierce :o

Awards: Medals for the top five wrestlers, medal for seventh, trophies for the top three teams, and three outstanding wrestler awards, light, middle, heavy.

Food: Huge hospitality room is provided for coaches and refs, tons of options when it comes to the snack bar, t-shirts and wrestling accessories.

Entry Fees: $275.00 per team ( limited to 24 teams )

Hope your preseasons are coming along well. I look forward to having your team come out to continue with a tradition that dates back to when I wrestled at Lindhurst. I wrestled at the first Jason White Memorial Tournament in 1993. It is a Memorial to those who lost their lives in the Lindhurst shooting in 1991. We had an amazing lineup last year and anticipate a good turnout of teams this year (previous and current teams listed below). Coaches should expect a variety of competitive levels at our tournament to suit a spectrum of teams. So, if your wrestlers have an appetite for fierce competition... join the battle!!!

Please Response ASAP to Reserve a Spot
Flyer Attached with Tournament Details...
Goode Luck with your Wrestling Season!!!

Semper Fidelis,

Jarrod Goode
Lindhurst Wrestling Coach
Title: Re: 1/20/18 Jason White Memorial Tournament
Post by: jgoode on September 04, 2017, 07:51:32 pm
Results (1/20/2018):

1st - Bella Vista - 288.00
2nd - Placer - 210.00
3rd - Yuba City - 201.00

Most Valuables:
Light Weight: Vince Olivera (128) Bella Vista
Middle Weight: Henry Volpato (162) Pleasant Valley
Heavy Weight: Paul Banks (222) Placer
Title: Re: 1/20/18 Jason White Memorial Tournament
Post by: jgoode on December 16, 2017, 04:51:05 am
Jason White Memorial (2018) Team Lineup:

Bella Vista (A)
Bella Vista (B)
Bishop Manogue
Casa Roble
East Nicholas
Liberty Ranch
Live Oak
Pleasant Valley
Rio Linda
River Valley
River City
West Campus
Yuba City