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Title: Modoc Northeast Classic "Results"
Post by: Drod on December 13, 2015, 10:24:27 am
1-Devin Partain, Quincy
2-Chase Montgomery, Lassen
3-Kadin Wood, Mazama
4-Josh Fellows, Bonanza
5-Matt Martin, Etna

1-Chance Galvin, Modoc
2-Shawn Vang, Willows
3-Leighton Alexander, Mazama
4-Jonah Kugler, Mazama
5-Ana Mendoza, Klamath Union

1-Brandon Hays, Modoc
2-Titus Christensen, Lassen
3-Josh Vang, Willows
4-Trevor Downey, Etna
5-Colton Carmona, Anderson

1-Lane Galvin, Modoc (OW) Lite wieght
2-Iserail Gill, Mazama
3-Gabe Christensen, Lassen
4-Parker Carey, Quincy

1-Morgan Bahan, Etna
2-Tristan Ward, Lakeview
3-Patrick McConnell, Lassen
4-Damien Huckstaedt, Modoc
5-Noah Ray, Quincy

1-Kenny Jones, Lassen (OW) Middle Weight
2-Silas Lagroue, Chester
3-Anthony Smith, Anderson
4-Josh Vierra, Modoc
5-Rennie Neider, Lakeview

1-Jorie Taylor, Anderson
2-Levi Prater, Lassen
3-Tim Reed, Modoc
4-Bowen Browder, Mazama
5-Jon Irish, Modoc

1-Braydon Wright, Mazama
2-Isiah Lopez, Lassen
3-Zach Norby, Modoc
4-Oscar Hernandez, Anderson
5-Cole Reno, Klamath Union

1-Elijah Epling, Crane
2-Scott Coleman, Klamath Union
3-Darren Houerton, Etna
4-Cody Mitchell, Anderson
5-Cody Alphin, Chiloquin

1-Rodney Kincaid, Anderson (OW) HWT
2-Simon Ballaine, Lakeview
3-Tuker St Andre, Lassen
4-Logan Cockrell, Lakeview
5-Noe Macias, Klamath Union

1- Josh Hammers, Lakeview
2-Ryan Mckibbin, Anderson
3-Sorren Lynn, Willows
4-Thane Forrester, Etna
5-Jack Burgoyne, Lakeview

1-Jesse Williamson, Anderson
2-Jake Jones, Lassen
3-Eduardo Murrietta, Lakeview
4-Haydn Alverson, Modoc
5-Dustin Wood, Tulelake

1-Tony Rogers, Chester
2-Luis Penick, Anderson
3-Sam Williams, Crane
4-Daren Cuff, Lakeveiw
5-Zion Drake, Hosanna Christian

1-Jason Thenkle, Lakeview
2-Michael McCully, Lakeview
3-Troy Culp, Modoc
4-Jacob Green, Klamath Union
5-Dylan Baker, Anderson

Team score top five
1-Anderson 172
2-Lassen 169
3-Modoc 158
4-Lakeview 124
5-Mazama 103

Thanks to all who braved the snow and made the trip to make this a great tournament! Special thanks to Coach Wood,
Patty Wood, for all the work they have put into north sec wrestling for so many years. And an extra thanks to Shaun's
mom Pat wood for organizing the best coaches lunch on the planet! See you next year.